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About Us

Who We Are

Dynamite Power Training was born to cater to the "do it yourself-ers" of the fitness community. We inspire both young and old to break free of the restrictions of a gym membership and turn your own space into your own personal gym. Dynamite Power Training is a community of dedicated and inspired individuals that are constantly pushing the boundaries of the fitness world. 

What Suspended Exercises Are

Suspended exercises are becoming the number one way to exercise on your own. Due to the simplistic nature of the fad and the accentuated benefits, suspension exercises are becoming increasingly popular and advocated by fitness instructors and enthusiasts all around the globe. These exercises provide high body weight resistance to achieve impressive results. There are no machines or weights involved in these exercises. Simply fix your suspension band to any point in your home, in your garage, or at the park. The days of unappealing and repetitive exercises are gone. Blend in your daily exercises with Dynamite suspension bands and make your workout more interesting and effective. Here we will give you a simple training framework that you can follow to achieve explosive results in just a few weeks. These exercises can be done by anyone at any level in any environment. There is nothing holding you back except for yourself! These exercises have been carefully crafted to bring you the best results in the least amount of time. They are recommended for all those seeking a new and personal edge in their workout routines. So, if you are game for anything extraordinary and explosive, grab your fitness trainer and start with your first exercise.